Baby Signs with Circle of Ideas


Quotes Thanks for everything...learning to sign has been amazing for me and my daughter. I think it's so cool that she can tell us what she's thinking about at such a young age. It helps her express herself, and as a result she gets less frustrated. I thought that your class was fabulous -- you connected with every child and made the classes fun for everyone. We are lucky to have you in Vernon! Quotes
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Quotes Thanks for the workshop! It was great and so convenient to be at home and have others over too. Quotes
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Quotes Hi Christine We are definitely going to be taking the next step in Sign, Say and Play. I hope it will be offered on Tuesdays again. I had to write to let you know that our daughter, who is now 9 months, used the sign for Doggie today. She looked at one of our dogs and did the sign. I was so proud! And then when I said "...that's your doggie" she clapped her hands. I think she was very proud of herself as well. Thanks for the group, it was amazing and I can't wait for more! Quotes
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